Table Frame Labels for Feature Layers

Idea created by SOSTERTAG_RambollEnv on Apr 8, 2020

    We often have need to create results figures showing sample data tables for points in large datasets (see for example attached screenshot). Typically, at each point location, we display a table with the Point Name, Constituents of Concern, and Sample Results (with bold, italics, and underlining, done in excel). We used to add Excel OLE tables to layouts in ArcMap, but this functionality has been removed from Pro. I love the addition of Table Frames to Pro, but it doesn't seem possible to only display attributes for a specified feature in the layout.


    I suggest creating functionality so that Table Frames could in essence work like table labels for points, e.g., If ObjectID=MW-01, then display [results column], etc. Tables could have position properties for point features with weights assigned to different tables (to enable somewhat automated map making), and then the tables could be customized to only show attributes for each feature as defined by the user (e.g. at MW-01, the table would only have MW-01 results for XYZ constituents, at MW-02, the table would only have results for constituents at that location, and so on).


    As it stands right now, Table Frames are only useful if you want to summarize data for an entire layer, but they are not helpful for displaying data for multiple features within the same layer.


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