Operations Dashboard:  Serial Chart Dual-Axis Support

Idea created by angelo_taylor@vfc.com on Mar 30, 2020
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    • angelo_taylor@vfc.com

    As far as I can tell, to be able to show multiple series in Operations Dashboard requires that the data all come from the ONE COLUMN.  Only then can you show multiple series by splitting on some typically categorical column.


    THIS IS VERY LIMITING in practical everyday use within the business sector!


    If I want to chart, say, MILES DRIVEN vs. ANNUAL CO2 EMISSIONS (two different scales of data), I have to develop and configure TWO separate serial charts and then possibly have to do extra work to harmonize the x-axis domains on top of that!  

    Most modern software (Tableau and Excel, for example) support dual-axis functionality and, along with many others, have done so for years or decades.


    PLEASE ADD THIS LOW HANGING FRUIT FUNCTIONALITY SOON... it would be of great help to many!