Pro - Export Pane (Maintain last windows directory)

Idea created by bdudek1 on Mar 27, 2020

    Apologize if this has been mentioned.  Just a minor convenience item I find.  The browse to the export location in this new pane (under file), always defaults to the default geodatabase location (I think), was wondering if it is possible to have this default to the last browsed location in one's Pro session.  I think it should be.  So if I need to rexport to the same location for overwriting or new files, I don't have to browse back to that location again and again.  Or Copy and paste the previous location. 


    If I am missing an obvious reason why it defaults back to the initial default directory every time, please let me know.  Or maybe I missed a setting somewhere. 




    Pointing this to a previously submitted idea Export Map return to last location as a duplicate.  Though the comments on this thread might be of value to others.