Replication of business table

Idea created by mwawryk on Jun 16, 2010
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    Currently replication only replicates the A and D tables. I would like the option to truncate the child table prior to replication so that replication would refresh the entire business table.

    We have a system that integrates many other business sytems through database procedures (I know not supported but a reality and only updating records no adds or deletes) from AMANDA, our Tax system etc. When we replicate data the first time all of the data moves to the child version but after that only the adds and deletes come over. This means that none of the updates from other systems are included in the replication. 

    Currently to get all of the data we need to delete the replica, delete the child, recreate the replica, recreate any relationship classes on the replica that are not on the parent. Or have oracle do the replication entirely (Business, A, D, F, S tables) which really is not supported.

    Having the option to replicate ALL (truncate and replicate) would really enhance replication.