Survey123 Image Question: Disable 'Required' in Inbox

Idea created by m0nki on Mar 16, 2020
    • SDelcastillo_CPL
    • m0nki

    Currently you cannot add an image through the inbox of Survey123. The image question is also disabled. However, validations against image questions (i.e. 'required') are not disabled!


    If i want a photo to be required in my (original) survey, it will not allow me to submit updates (e.g. to mark an outstanding issue as 'completed'), due to the validation issue of having a required photo.


    It would be good if the 'required' condition was disabled along with the image question.


    The alternatives currently seem to be:

    • Make the photo 'not required' which we don't want to do since user behavior sometime needs a little help
    • Create a new form specifically for the Inbox, which is not ideal
    • Use repeats - which can add other complexities


    So, until editing of photos through the Inbox is supported, can the 'required' condition be disabled along with the image question in the Inbox? Thanks.