Make it easier to change the number of points for GPS averaging

Idea created by recranger on Feb 25, 2020
    Under Consideration
    • recranger
    • mevans604
    • tpcolson
    • paul_hoeffler@fws.gov_fws
    • sicasley
    • marianneceh
    • a00847138
    • eortmayr

    I use Collector Classic nearly everyday and the main reason I haven’t switch to “new” Collector is the point average limitation. If I want to switch the number of points on the fly, I don’t want to have to navigate all the way back to the main page to change it. This is also the reason I don’t recommend colleagues to switch. 



    Please bring back this feature, even to the radial button where Undo lives. It would help bring so many users over to “new” Collector.


    collector aurora collector classic point_average fieldwork workflow