Export Locations Using the "Near Me" Widget

Idea created by KDChrist on Feb 24, 2020
    • KDChrist

    Good day!


    I currently use the "Near Me" Widget in Web AppBuilder in support of Law Enforcement. I built two applications that allow officers and detectives to search the location of a crime and then in one application, find the location of all citizen entered cameras within a certain distance from the incident, and in the other, essentially find associated incidents and contacts that would allow them to quickly generate leads.


    That being said, while a crime analyst or myself would easily be able to create a buffer around a crime, find all the requested information and disseminate that to a detective, it would be immensely helpful for a user of the application to quickly do that themselves.


    I propose adding an Export to CSV button to the Near Me widget that would immediately make a CSV locally available that contains all of the records found by the Near Me Widget. After all, we are in the business of enhancing efficiency right?


    Thank you.