ArcGIS Pro Snapping and Dynamic Constraints - Extend ability

Idea created by mitchell_gpsit on Feb 19, 2020
    • Sterling.Loetz_COT
    • mitchell_gpsit

    (You could argue that the use of AutoCAD along with ArcGIS proves this idea irrelevant. I believe that many design exercises can be carried out within ArcGIS Pro itself, and therefore do not need to be completed in the likes of CAD software. ArcGIS Pro is part CAD software if you ask me!)


    ArcGIS Pro is able to be used as Design software, it has excellent options available for Snapping and Dynamic Constraints, these are of course extremely helpful for design. However, they could be better! 


    Extending features! This is currently an ordeal in ArcGIS Pro when compared to how simple and easy it is to complete in CAD software. Currently, if I want to extend a feature, I need to utilize the Extend or Trim option within Modify Features.


    This is fairly tedious, suitable, but tedious. 


    If I hop into AutoCAD and extend a polyline, it's instant, it's the flick of a wrist. It's a snapping option, meaning I have the choice to freely edit the feature or extend the feature.


    If ArcGIS Pro had this same capability, design workflows would be much, much easier within this software!