"Show credits" options in Insights

Idea created by vholubecarcdata-cz-esridist Employee on Feb 18, 2020
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    Dear all,


    please consider adding "Show Credits" option to Insights Desktop/Online, which inform the user about the credits consumed by the operation (Network tools, geocoding, etc).


    This option exists in ArcGIS Online and it´s very helpful here. Many users missing it in Desktop client´s. For example, when customer needs to Geocode the bunch of addresses from XLSX, he is not aware of the amount of credits it will consume. As well as, some analysis in Insights/Pro also consumes credits and it´s sometimes very hard to make the calculation before the tool is started. Especially for users who testing some functionality and don´t fully understand the tool.


    In better cases (and if the organization is set up properly) the limit of credits per user is reached and so it results for long searching the problem for a question "Why the tool does not work" - because you are not informed, that your don´t have enough credits.


    In worse case, this can lead to situation, when the whole organization credits are depleted (because the user is not informed how many credits the tool will use and AGOL default settings for user is "unlimited").
    Please could you consider improving Insights with this functionality.


    Similar Idea is here for Maps for Office: Show credit information ArcGIS for Office and for PRO: GeoEnhancement - credit estimate in ArcGIS Pro 


    Thank you,