Show upcomging events on ESRI Web site..all of them

Idea created by rborchert on Feb 4, 2020
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    I would like to see ESRI post all coming events on their web site.  Currently you go to their ESRI Events page and  it only shows through July 14th


    People like to be able to plan things.


    Example, we know (and it is not really easy to find) that GeoConX is at the end of October in Denver.


    Google Search, almost all of the hits are pointing to this community from people asking where it is.  The only other hit I got was to a PDF of the 2019 conference stating you can get early access a vendor to 2020 if your a sponsor for 2019


    EVEN if ESRI is not 100% on it, they can still post a message that it is in planning, or don't book travel yet, etc.