Provide better support for simultaneous processing in multiple ArcMap windows

Idea created by azendel on Jun 11, 2010

    This is my experience with ArcMap on 32bit Windows Vista.  Any time one ArcMap window starts processing, it's almost always impossible to switch to another ArcMap window and perform any work in that second window.  This processing includes tasks such as running geoprocessing tools/models, rendering complex maps on the screen, printing, exporting, field calculator on large datasets, etc.  When these processes occur, the first ArcMap window frequently shows (Not Responding) at the very top left corner of the window.  When this occurs, it's nearly impossible to switch to a second ArcMap window and continue working.  Switching to the second ArcMap window is sometimes impossible even if the (Not Responding) status is not displayed.  Then sometimes I can successfully switch to the second ArcMap window, but I can't interact with it at all. 

    This problem prevents me from multi-tasking and causes substantial reductions in my day-to-day productivity.  I could get much more work done if they problem is fixed!