Bulk Change date format for every date field in Portal and AGOL

Idea created by MPCGroup_Admin on Jan 30, 2020
    • tim.elliott@mpckinetic.com_MPCGroup
    • MPCGroup_Admin

    ESRI Date Fields are confussing for most of the globe Date format by country - Wikipedia. There needs to be a tool to Bulk change every date field pop up and display to a specified format.

    My organisation is relatively small yet I need to manually change the date pop up for 696 Fields each time I kick of a new project. Lest be conservitive and say we can do it in 15 Seconds for each Field thats 3 hours of wasted time and effort. I currently have 19 Projects open, duplicated in Portal and ArcGIS Online.

    I would really hate to think how long this would take a large organisation.