Enable service directory folders for hosted services

Idea created by antti.kajanus_CGISuomi on Jan 29, 2020
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    It would be great, if we could use service directory folders to manage hosted services in ArcGIS Online. In our case, we would like to keep names of the services same and indicate which environment the service is about by the structure instead. This would make it more versatile to manage the url structures and use the services with same names (but with different folder). We would be using this especially through ArcGIS Python API as part of the devops pipelines. Another user case is that we provide a product where each customer has their own service. With folders, we could separate the services by the customer instead of different service name.


    This would be different functionality from AGOL content folders that are used in AGOL to organize content inside of my content. Moving a service from content folder to another wouldn't affect the service directory folder. 


    Currently we have to provide services with different names when the environment is added to the name. 

    - service directory
       - service-1-dev
       - service-2-dev
       - service-1-test
       - service-2-test
       - service-1-prod
       - service-2-prod


    It would be better if we can use service directory folders like in ArcGIS Server to manage sets of services. 

    - service directory
       - dev
          - service-1
          - service-2
       - test
          - service-1
          - service-2
       - prod
          - service-1
          - service-2