Request to Fix Aurora Collector Vertical Accuracy Bug

Idea created by HRG_GIS_Admin on Dec 31, 2019
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    A recent ESRI support ticket my team submitted has resulted in the ESRI Development Team's identification of the following bug for the Aurora release of Collector for ArcGIS...


    "BUG-000127592:  Incorrect elevation data when using Trimble R2 between Collector for ArcGIS Aurora and Classic"


    Elevations captured using the Aurora Collector app when paired with a centimeter grade receiver (Trimble R2) and tied into a statewide real-time network (Iowa RTN) are locating several inches off from established control points.  Elevations captured using the Classic Collector app on the same control points and with the same setup were landing within the anticipated error range (<~2 inches).  Please see the CP1 and CP3 data rows in the table below for an example of the discrepancy we have seen.


    Table comparing elevations recorded using Aurora Collector vs. Classic Collector


    The ESRI Development Team was able to reproduce this error and determine that the issue is with the Aurora app and not specific to the R2 receiver. 


    I’m sharing this bug and posting it as an Idea to help make others aware of this issue and to encourage support from other GIS users who would also like to see a swift fix for this bug in an upcoming application update.  Please “Vote Up” if you would also like this issue made a priority.


    Thank you.