Enable selection and pop-ups in survey maps

Idea created by charles.phillips on Dec 26, 2019
    • charles.phillips
    • ceres.admin

    It would be nice to be able to select features from the Survey123 map and view a pop-up. Currently, you can created a customized basemap with map layers and view the map in Survey123. However, the map layers in the basemap act just as a reference and you cannot select them and review a pop-up. It would be helpful if the user was able to select an item in the map and review a configured pop-up, just like you can in Collector. For users in the field, being able to review pertinent information in a pop-up would help them complete the survey. 


    For example, below is a custom basemap that was added to an inspection survey. The map provides a great reference to the field user but the map elements are not selectable and you cannot get any information from them. It would be great if the user was able to select an item from the map (such as a transformer) and see a pop-up of the selected item. The pop-up might provide additional information that would aid the field user in completing the survey.