Apply more than one Survey or Collector to a Workforce Project

Idea created by charles.phillips on Dec 26, 2019
    • ic-briantfabela
    • charles.phillips
    • patty.lopez

    It would be nice if you could apply more than one Survey or Collector to a Workforce Project. There are situations where there is a need to incorporate two or three very different surveys for a workflow that falls underneath a Project. Under the current configuration of Workforce Projects, you can only do "1" integration of Survey123 and Collector per Workforce Project. This causes users to have to create multiple Workforce Projects for work that might fall under the same line of work.  


    As an example, Preventative Maintenance is a type of work that could fall under a single Workforce Project but the different types of maintenance would be managed under the different Assignment Types. A specific Preventative Maintenance survey could be applied to each PM Assignment Type. If Workforce was able to accommodate this type of workflow in a single project, it would reduce the need to manage multiple projects for the same type of work.


    Workforce Project: Preventative Maintenance 

    • Assignment Type: Transformer Bank PM Inspection
      • Padmounted Preventative Maintenance Survey - Survey123
    • Assignment Type: Meter PM Inspection
      • Meter Preventative Maintenance Survey - Survey123
      • Meter Changeout Survey - Survey123
    • Assignment Type: Pole PM Inspection
      • Pole Preventative Maintenance Survey - Survey123