Loading Data To SDE via ArcCatalog - Reject Output

Idea created by davidgi on Jun 9, 2010
    Loading large datasets to SDE is not always a simple process - quite often the data may not be "clean" so there are a number of reject records. Currently in ArcCatalog all you get is a listing of records that failed to load to SDE, if there are a lot it can be a painful process to query the source data for the rejected records (normally via the FID for example) then clean up these records then load it again.

    Because of this we continue to use the shp2sde command to load large datasets as it has the reject switch - it will write a shapefile of records that failed to load.

    It would be good if ArcCatalog had a similar option to write reject records to another file (shapefile or geodatabase) rather than just listing the rejects.