ArcGIS Online Access Notice and Info Banners visible to group members

Idea created by kulasdn on Dec 13, 2019
    • joshkalovCook
    • DCochran-esristaff
    • kulasdn
    • bgodfrey

    I love the new implementation of the ArcGIS Online Access Notices and Information Banners! Thanks, very helpful.


    It would be awesome if the ability to configure these notices and banners were more granular, for instance by group level. Use case: I perform quarterly updates to the data viewable to one particular group in our ArcGIS Online Org. The group members are all part of the same Division within our stage agency. It would be nice if I could set a banner so that only the folks in that Division see that I'm performing my updates rather than the entire state agency, which is what would happen should I make that banner now.


    Thanks for your consideration!