Enhance Barcode/QR Code scanning in Survey123

Idea created by sam.ugsc on Dec 10, 2019
    • sam.ugsc
    • lazaneo

    Survey123 is a fantastic tool to assist in asset management field work. One way that some organizations are trying to take the manual error out of such field work is to attach QR codes to various assets in the field. Unfortunately the built-in Survey123 barcode scanner is rather poor at recognizing barcodes in sub-optimal conditions such as where there is light reflection, if the barcode is not black and white, or if the code is scanned at anything other than a straight-on angle.


    I hope that this functionality can be enhanced to include greater ability to read codes at an angle, that are coloured something other than black and white, and where there may be some reflection. Currently this capability is sub-par when compared to other apps with barcode scanning abilities. 


    See this post for a comparison breakdown of QR code scanning between Survey123 and other apps:

    Very poor performance with Survey123 barcode scanner in comparison to other apps 


    Philip Wilson