Support AppConfig and MDMs across all Esri Mobile Apps

Idea created by johndye on Dec 3, 2019
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    Many users operate ArcGIS Enterprise behind the firewall and are unable to expose services publicly due to stringent security requirements. In these cases, it’s common for these Enterprises to enable mobile workflows by implementing a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution such as VMWare AirWatch, Citrix XenMobile one of many other MDM solutions - along with a Per-App VPN gateway. This allows those organizations to securely deploy public applications within their Enterprise onto Enterprise Managed iOS and Android devices with policies that enforce the Enterprises security requirements.


    Many of Esri’s mobile applications support these workflows, but not all of them. To name a few which do not:

    • ArcGIS Companion
    • ArcGIS QuickCapture
    • ArcGIS Earth
    • ArcGIS Business Analyst Mobile


    There may be others which I’ve missed. The point is, ArcGIS Mobile apps should be consistent in what they support across the spectrum and users in any environment should be able to take advantage of using Esri’s mobile applications from day zero. 


    This level of inconsistency across the Esri mobile apps leads to situations where its difficult to explain to a user why they can use Collector which has been available for quite some time - securely within the Enteprise but they can’t use some brand new app from Esri. The difficulty here is compounded when you talk about app integrations and calling app A from app B. 


    Esri should commit to supporting AppConfig and MDM across all of its mobile apps and applications developed in the future should support this from initial release so that secure Enterprise Users do not have to wait to use an Esri app.