Allow Users to Change and Disable Alerts

Idea created by simpsonr on Dec 3, 2019

    Currently in ArcGIS Monitor, once an alert is created, the user has to delete and recreate the alert if they would like to alter the criteria threshold.  For example, if I have an alert, "processor usage > 90%"... if I want to change that 90 to 80, I have to recreate the alert and delete that old one.  Would be great to simply be able to alter that value in the existing alert.


    Also, currently if the user doesn't want to get alerted to this or that alert, they have to delete the alert.  Would be great to be able to disable/enable existing alerts.  And furthermore, be able to enable/disable them based on time periods... For, for example, If I don't want to get alerted at midnight when my map services all restart, disable those alerts for 30 minutes after 12:00 AM.