Edit a specific feature via URL

Idea created by dcrow_TulareCounty on Nov 27, 2019
    • ehovsepian
    • nisha
    • dcrow_TulareCounty

    Our field inspectors need the ability to:


    1. Create, move and/or select a feature in Collector

    2. Fill out a form in Survey123, pre-populated with the most recent inspection information of that feature (if available)

    3. Write the inspection back to the same feature

    4. Create a new related record to keep a history log of inspections

    5. Update the symbology of the original feature based on values from the new inspection


    Currently, our workaround is to create a join view layer between the features and related table and symbolize from here. This creates an extremely clunky workflow. The feature layer cannot pre-populate with their recent inspection data and the view layer can't be moved on the map or allow the creation of a new feature, so both layers are required. The use of a view layer also makes updates to the feature service very time consuming, as view layers prohibit overwriting.


    We're waiting for FeatureSetByRelationship expressions to become available in Collector to hopefully streamline this process and allow related information to be passed to the survey from the feature layer. This still is not an ideal workflow, as our inspectors often work offline.