ArcGIS Pro Select by Attribute show ALL values

Idea created by hs100789 on Nov 27, 2019
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    I've recently been using Pro more and more just to get comfortable with. And there is a major quirk that I just discovered.


    In ArcMap, when you Select by Attribute and get unique values it will show you ALL values in that field. Even ones that aren't in the domain. This is highly handy as it's a quick way to see if there is incorrect data. In the image below, you can see that ArcMap shows two values ('ABS' and 'ASM') that are in the data but not in the domain.


    By comparison, Pro only shows you values that are in the domain.When looking at the list I would have no idea that those two values are in my data. And yes, I can build the SQL expression manually if I know the values are there, but what if I don't?


    Having the Select by Attribute list ALL values not matter if they were in the domain or not was VERY helpful and I wish that Pro would follow ArcMap's example.