Allow Posting a Subset

Idea created by daviddenham on Nov 22, 2019
    • daviddenham

    Currently when you are working with versioned data you have to post all of the data in a child version to the default version. I would like to see ESRI add the ablility to post a subset of features to the default version.  Here is an instance where this type of workflow would be useful.  We have numerous inspectors traveling throughout the city using Collector to survey sites.  The inspectors never really stop editing the data.  As a result the person tasked with reviewing and approving the edits is never able to QA/QC all of the edits before new edits have been made.  The applications that use this data should only use the approved data.  What we would like to do is to select all of the approved features and then post them to the default while all of the unapproved data remains in the child version. 


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