SeeClickFix uses ESRI for map and our town has wrong name because of it

Idea created by on Nov 21, 2019
    • tpcolson

    I work for the Town of Carolina Shores in North Carolina.  We are a new town (21 years) that is a split off from another town, and we have the same zip code (USPS will not give our town a different zip code).  We started using SeeClickFix a little over a year ago, and their map had our town name listed correctly.  Several months ago we noticed that our map now had our town name as the other town.  After multiple attempts to get them to correct it, they said that the change happened when they switched to using ESRI.  We need our service requests for our town to have the correct town name on it.  We will provide whatever we need to to show that we are our own town with a different name that what is listed because of the zip code.