Enhance Content page - list groups that items are shared with

Idea created by MHOOLE_governmentofbc on Nov 19, 2019
    Partially Implemented
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    • m0nki
    • MHOOLE_governmentofbc
    • paul_hoeffler@fws.gov_fws

    The content page currently shows the "level" of sharing for each item i.e. private, group, org, everyone.


    A folder may contain multiple items shared at the group level.  There is currently no way to immediately tell how many groups an item is shared to or if all items in the folder are shared in the same manner (i.e. potential scenario:  item1 is share to group1 & group2, item2 is shared only to group1, item3 is shared to group2 &group3).  It would sure be nice if users shared content in a group all the same way, but there may be numerous reasons why this is never feasible (including the limitation of no nested folders in the Content page).


    Some possible ideas (to mitigate all the clicking required to determine how items in a folder are shared and if they are shared the same way):

    • list all the groups an item is shared with AND allow sorting on the groups
    • provide counts of the groups an item is shared with, splitting out the normal groups vs the groups where "members can update all items" is enabled
    • Enhance the "Sharing" filter on the left to list contents by groups?
    • be sure to identify groups where "members can update all items" is enabled.  This is really important for the current energy required to transfer to new owners (i.e. you can't transfer content to a new owner if it is shared to such a group - need to unshare/transfer to new owner/reshare... painful... because it may also involve finding the group and taking ownership of the group or at least being a member and/or manager of the group (super painful for these types of groups).
    • Include URLs for the groups so that its easy to navigate them (esp in the case of groups where "members can update all items" is enabled)
    • Include a "warning" when items in the folder are not shared the same way.  Or offer a tool that user/admin can click to check/report the group sharing on selected items
    • ....


    This enhancement would be particularly useful to large organizations with 1000's of items and hundreds of users where content management needs to be as efficient as possible.