ArcGIS StoryMap Builder: add Tabbed layout equivalent from Esri classic Story Map Series template

Idea created by paul_hoeffler@fws.gov_fws on Nov 19, 2019

    Currently there is no equivalent in the newer ArcGIS StoryMap Builder to the Tabbed layout in the classic Series template. We's like to see equivalent functionality added to the new StoryMap builder.


    If this functionality is already in the product plan for the new Builder, is it possible to add this information, along with other specific functionality planned for the near-term release of the new StoryMap Builder? Joseph Kerski Greyson Harris Allen Carroll



    Without knowing if and/or when this will be supported in the ArcGIS StoryMap Builder it's difficult to provide guidance to current and prospective Esri classic Story Map and ArcGIS StoryMap authors.


    Example: Merritt Island NWR Spatial Fire Management Plan


    Background and Use Case (provided from within FWS):
    Fire Management Plans (FMPs) have critical information that needs to be accessed quickly by fire teams and emergency responders, etc. if there is a Wildfire, flooding, hurricane, etc. on lands that are administered by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Park Service, the Bureau of Land Management and the US Forest Service. So, this has the potential to have thousands of plans housed within ArcGIS Online. Utilizing Story Maps to produce and house FMPs has many benefits: informing the public, having the structure that a fire team would need for suppression, being able to access information real time, etc. The ability to be agile with our FMPs is critical since changes are made throughout the year to keep the management of our lands renewed.


    AGOL allows us to add information at a moments notice which was not possible with our 300 page static paper FMPs. All of the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) bureaus have just recently determined that developing Fire Management Plans using Story Maps is the solution that we have been looking for to ensure that the plans are viewable by the public, that the emergency resource teams that are utilizing AGOL for ANY disaster can see all the information that they need to make critical decisions, and that the fire management plan is easily updatable and actually can display live information.


    Our first product that was produced as a prototype was used immediately by FWS in the South during a hurricane. The person who developed it was able to tell emergency services individuals 'real time' where the roads were flooded and directed emergency response personnel to the people who were in need of emergency services. So as you can see, these plans are useful for much more than a paper copy that is stagnant the day it is signed.


    The reason we need the tabs reinstated for these plans is because it allows the Emergency teams responding to get to the information that they need for developing their strategy in a moments notice. Individuals on Refuges are trying to work through putting their FMPs into the new ArcGIS Story Maps but they are not efficient as the classic Esri Story Map Series template with the tabs. The newer documents are truly a 'story' not an efficient document that may save lives and refuges and parks.


    Most of the above information was gathered from:

    Becky Brooks
    National Fire Planner


    Some language was taken from Esri Technical Support.