ArcGIS Pro could read Excel files when Office 64-bit is installed

Idea created by tminterWork on Nov 14, 2019
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    This idea stems from Esri Case #02432600 - ArcGIS Pro 2.4.2 does not read Excel file, which resulted in my observation and perception as follows:


    ...I see two conditions, one a bug and one an enhancement:

    • Bug: After the 10/1/2019 Microsoft Windows Update and after the ArcGIS 2.4.2 update, ArcGIS Pro returns an error when both Access Database Engine 2016 32-bit and Access Database Engine 2016 64-bit are installed on a PC with Windows 10 64-bit and Office 2016 64-bit installed (per the Microsoft instructions here
      • Why a bug? Because ArcGIS Pro worked properly with Excel files as configured above but before the updates.
    • Enhancement: ArcGIS Pro should be able to open and work with Excel files when Windows, Office, and Access Database Engine are 64-bit.

    Esri support staff need my user story based on this requested information:

    Can you provide some details about your company and your role in the company along with experiences with ESRI's products?

    • The organization I presently serve is Washington State government, Department of Social and Health Services, which provides and governs social and health services to Washington State citizens.
      My title is "Enterprise GIS Data Architect", which aptly describes my role in a nutshell. Elements of my role include location data design and management, system design and management, enterprise architecture, and information technology service design and management.
    • My experiences with Esri's products are long-storied and both positive and negative.


    Can you please describe more on the functionality that you were asking? - I have the details already but if you want to add some more, feel free to do so.

    • Sure. I would like to open an Excel file with ArcGIS Pro, and then perform geospatial data management and geospatial analytical functions with the data that is in the file. I would like to do this in a modern, ubiquitous, run-of-the-mill, 64-bit computing environment... Windows 10 on a Dell PC, to be a little more specific. I would like to do this when both Access Database Engine 2016 32-bit and Access Database Engine 2016 64-bit are installed on the PC to support other software and workflows.


    Can you please describe on how the functionality would benefit your organization and other users as well?

    • My organization:  I could perform elements of my job instead of spending 8.3 hours (to date) of our taxpayers' money to figure out why our currently selected vendor's flagship software product won't open an Excel file.
    • Others:  Same, probably. I'm only guessing here, but based on anecdotal evidence, it seems that others typically need to open Excel files using Esri's flagship software product.
    • Esri:  Fixing the problem could close one of the many doors through which competing products enter. As an example, QGIS 3.4 LTR opens the Excel file under the desired configuration without complaint.


    Esri support staff indicate that this idea is being tracked in the mid-2017 idea posted here:


    While there may be similarities and underlying technology overlap, I do not have any current requirements that involve Microsoft Access databases from a user perspective, so I've posted this fresh late-2019 idea and referred to it from the mid-2017 idea. Hope this helps.