ArcGIS Pro Catalog View - missing my computer, database servers

Idea created by lygismav on Nov 14, 2019
    • lygismav
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    When using the Catalog in ArcGIS Pro I noticed that "Computer" and "Database Server" are not included by default in the contents list. 


    I think "Computer" should be included because that is a good starting point to connect to File Geodatabases on our local machine and our network.  My non GIS coworkers will not adopt ArcGIS Pro without it.  


    I am also concerned that "Database Server" is not included as well.  In ArcCatalog I had always thought that "Database Connections" are there to connect to data that ArcGIS may or may not be able to administer and edit such as a PostGIS database.  Alternatively I thought "Database Server" was to manage ArcSDE Geodatabases that ArcGIS can administer such as a File Geodatabase stored in SQL Server Express.   Did they merge "Database Server" and "Database Connections" in ArcGIS Pro.  NOTE: Either way I would still like the all the ArcSDE databases to appear in the catalog by default.  I do not want to reconnect to my ArcSDE server for each project.