Operations Dashboard - Retain Filters when Sharing

Idea created by mkelly_teck_tds on Nov 12, 2019
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    When sharing an Operations Dashboard, it would be great if you could retain the interactions you have made since opening the application. So for example, have an option to retain the applied filters and map extents. The aim is that when you send the link, it presents the end-user with the exact same view. You can also store the URL as a bookmark so you don't need to manually interact to get to the same place.


    You can kind of do this right now. However the owner of the application needs to have URL Parameters setup, and you need to have the tech know-how to build the URL.


    A similar concept is implemented in Map Tour Story Maps whereby you can check a button to 'link to current place' when sharing, after which appropriate URL Parameters are auto-generated. This is a less complex implementation, but definitely valuable.


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