Add back to ArcPro the ability to step through vertices when editing

Idea created by Hornbydd Champion on Nov 9, 2019
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    The latest version of ArcPro (2.4.2) does not allow you to step through vertices when editing a feature. I use this functionality all the time in ArcMap. Scenario: you have just run the check geometry tool and it identifies a self intersection, the tool never tells you where the self-intersection is so one has to zoom in and step through the vertices until you find it. This is is easy in ArcMap as it flashes the vertex as you hold down the down arrow key, see mini video below.


    In the video below, ArcMap, I have started an edit session, selected the feature of interest and selected edit vertices, the panel has popped up showing the vertices. I select the first vertex and I am simply hitting the down arrow key with my finger, the selection flashes on screen and it's at vertex 3 - 4 where the self-intersection is....nice!


    Stepping through vertices


    You can't do this in ArcGIS Pro!


    In the video below the same scenario, except after selecting the first vertex as I tap down arrow the selection does not follow and nothing flashes, this makes identifying these types of geometry errors almost impossible to find.


    ArcPro does not work the same way


    Please reinstate this same functionality to help us edit our data better, also would be better if the flash is made more obvious instead of the barely visible turning of green for the vertex.