Create Centroid Point at the creation of Geoshape in Survey123

Idea created by conner_justin on Nov 12, 2019

    I'm creating a survey for the city DPW to easily enter capital improvement projects for long range planning. I'm using a Geoshape polygon to capture the project area. The survey then goes on to capture all the relevant attributes of the planned projects. Automatically adding a Geopoint would solve the problem of locating a polygon when viewing at city-wide scale in a dashboard or storymap. Of course the user could enter a point manually but that adds an extra step which could lead to confusion (do I enter point or polygon?) or skipping the step altogether.


    Using Arcade, I can populate x and y coordinate fields on the fly. However those are only "virtual" fields. Maybe being able to create a view that maps the xy fields as points? Or maybe a geometry calculation with Survey123?