Operations Dashboard: Serial Chart - Y Axis Scaling

Idea created by ed.knowles@nt.gov.au on Nov 10, 2019
    • ed.knowles@nt.gov.au

    G'day All


    I have noticed (for stacked bar charts at least) that an additional value is added to the axis when not required.

    This may be to allow some room for a label for some other styles, though a label is not always placed above a bar for other styles and for a stacked chart, labels are placed within a bar.


    My current chart has values to 20, and with a Y axis of 30, one third of the space is 'wasted.'


    Can the value calculation, at least for a stacked chart, allow for the axis maximum to be equal to the data maximum.

    Configuring a max value will not work as the chart is interactive and the data is updated automatically once a day.


    The below may help to visualise. It would be great if the max value was 20.


    Extra white space example