Reduce Excessive Credit Cost of Survey123 Feature Reports

Idea created by Joerodney Champion on Oct 31, 2019









    After the Oct 2019 update of AGOL ESRI has decided to implemented a hefty cost to produce Survey123 reports. At 2.5 credits per report you can quickly blow through your available credits. I've been using this awesome feature to produce various documents automatically as survey data is submitted.








    It would be a shame to have to drop this feature due to just credit cost. I understand there is a cost to produce these reports (miniscule, plus I'm already paying for AGOL) and I'm willing to pay for it but I think 2.5 credits/report is excessive. The credit consumption seems extraordinary in comparison to other features.








    I'm not the only one who thinks the same: Why does Survey123 Feature Report generation cost so many credits? 








    ESRI - our idea is a more appropriate (lower) credit consumption is requested.








    Thanks for reading.