Differential Import of Users from Enterprise (LDAP) Groups into ArcGIS Portal

Idea created by heike4711 on Oct 30, 2019
    • heike4711
    • bol4dev

    We manage our users and groups in a central ldap-directory.
    When importing users, the portal checks if there are enough free licences to do the import.


    The steps are
    -> "Add members based on existing enterprise users"
    -> "from a group"
    -> then number of free licences is checked
    -> if fewer users in group than number of free licences then the import takes place
    -> if more users than licences then the import is aborted


    This makes sense when initially importing the users but is problematic when individual users join the ldap-group later on and we have to import the group again.
    There is currently no differential import.


    One of the following would be very helpful:
    - a differential import (count only the users that have not already been imported and check THEIR number against available licences)
    - only issue a warning if more users in group than licences available and import as many users as possible (the ones that already exist in portal are rejected anyways)