Choose Coordinate Format when Calculating Coordinates in ArcGIS Pro

Idea created by JimmyKroon on Oct 24, 2019

    When using the Calculate Geometry Attributes tool in ArcGIS Pro, we need to be able to pick the coordinate format that will be calculated (decimal degrees, degrees decimal minutes, degrees minutes seconds, +/- vs N/S or E/W, etc). These options were all available in the Calculate Geometry dialog in ArcMap. Also - equivalent options are available in the ArcGIS Pro tool when calculating lengths and areas for line and polygon features (We can choose acres, sq miles, hectares, etc - or feet, miles, meters, etc) independent of the data's spatial reference.


    This enhancement is important for Wildfire Response GIS specialists who need to provide coordinates in specific formats for aviation and other resources. Currently the only options are to use python (which not all are comfortable with) or open switch to ArcMap to for this one task.