Add support for reading the ArcPy map object "spatial reference" in ArcGIS Pro

Idea created by Lortorial on Oct 22, 2019
    • mboeringa2010
    • Lortorial

    Please add support for reading and writing to the map objects "spatial reference" with in ArcGIS Pro. 


    For example:


    aprx_object =
    m = aprx_object.listMaps()
    for mp in m:
       ID = 0
       mapname =
       mp_projection = mp.spatialReference()


    The business uses arcpy aggressively to assist our many enterprise ArcGIS users. We have an arcpy tool that can summarize a project's: configuration and layers. This allows us to correct poor configurations and understand and mitigate bad practices. Ultimately users do stupid things and then blame the ill effects on ArcGIS Pro and Esri. Not being able to read the map objects spatial reference hinders our ability to quality assure a fundamental concept.  


    This idea has been marked as a Duplicate of Allow to modify spatial reference property of Map/MapFrame .