Fix arrow icon for 'Sort Ascending' in tables

Idea created by alexfriant on Oct 7, 2019

    I just noticed that the icon used in Pro to represent "Sort Ascending" is incorrect. My idea here is that it should be changed as per this graphic:

    sort ascending icon fix

    The way it is currently configured, the icon is suggesting the data will be sorted from largest to smallest. 


    As a sanity check, another popular table sorting icon is in Microsoft Excel and they use a downward arrow for both sort options, which makes sense because we always look at our data from top to bottom, but to represent the difference between the sort directions they use "A Z" vs "Z A". 

    excel sort order

    Those AZ/ZA direction representations in Pro are represented by the staggered lines. While they are flipped correctly to represent the difference in direction the corresponding sort offers, the arrows are also flipped which cancels out the intention of flipping the stacked lines.  


    Anyways, it's a small thing, but now that I've noticed it, I can't unnotice it. Please fix it if you can. :-)