Save state of panes per project. ArcGIS Pro

Idea created by rdavis_CityofBiloxi on Oct 7, 2019
    • rdavis_CityofBiloxi

    Pro seems to save the state of panes across projects, meaning if working in a project using 5 panes those panes will automatically appear in the next open project regardless of whether they are relevant to that project.


    Problem: open a project for production mapping, there maybe six or more panes open. Switch to an editing project and all six previous panes appear even though only one or two are needed. 


    Idea: Add option to "save the state of panes" per project. Save the state of open panes in each project. Only relevant panes that were open during last save would open in each project.


    This has been marked as a Duplicate of Save open panes in ArcGIS Pro at the project level, not the user.  Please visit that Idea to up vote and add comments.  Thank you!