Select Multiple in Collector for ArcGIS

Idea created by MarkTryon on Sep 26, 2019
    • MarkTryon
    • Katherine.Campbell_ocfl
    • dcrow_TulareCounty

    I would like to select multiple answers to a single question in Collector for ArcGIS like you can do in Survey123. Collector fits our needs in just about every other way but this, so using Survey123 instead isn't an option for us.


    Use example: Our crews go out and collect data for utility inspections. One piece of information they collect is what type of insulators are on electric distribution / transmission poles. In some instances, there are multiple types of insulators present. Having 2 or 3 of this and other questions in the Collector layer is cumbersome and difficult to scroll through in the field, so a multiple-answer checkbox option in Collector would be super helpful.