Add a warning message to ArcPro Attribute Rules view

Idea created by Hornbydd Champion on Sep 18, 2019
    • Borgman
    • Hornbydd

    So today I was exploring the Attribute Rules in ArcPro, which seems to be a powerful way to enforce data integrity. I go to the Attribute Rules View added a rule but for love nor money could I get it to save the rule. I then went to the help and finally picked up on that nugget of information that the featureclass must have a GlobalID. So feeling relieved I went back added the GlobalID field, but would it save the! So at this point I'm floundering around and decided that I would run the geoprocessing tool equivalent to using the view table for adding a rule. Only then did I get a warning that this tool was not licensed! Ahhhh I didn't have the correct license level!


    So my idea is very simple if you don't have a GlobalID and/or correct license level, when one enters the Attribute Rule view, throw up a warning message box and save us all a lot of stress...