Improving feature flash in ArcPro

Idea created by Hornbydd Champion on Sep 16, 2019
    • Hornbydd

    So whilst reviewing this idea about pan and flashing in ArcPro it made me go back and check ArcPro's  flashing ability and I have realised it is nowhere near as good as ArcMap's. Watch the video below can you see the flash? I made it easier for you by colouring the polygons red and pre-selecting the feature




    In ArcMap when flashing a feature you get that cross fire effect that draws your attention to the part of the map where the feature is. This is very effective. In ArcPro it's just a pulse of colour at the feature level which is almost impossible to see depending upon what scale you are viewing your data. ArcMaps approach is map scale independent so the cross fire effect is superior to ArcPro's approach in catching your attention.


    So my idea is simple, add the cross fire effect to flashing a feature or location, or at least allow it to be an option for users to turn on/off.


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