ArcPro Keybind (Accelerator) Customization

Idea created by on Sep 11, 2019
    • Hornbydd

      In ArcMap it was great to be able to keybind such things as the F keys (without using SHFT, CTRL, etc) as well as the single keys of Insert, Home, PgUp, Delete, End, PgDn and the other keys such as the -/_, +/=, [], ;', <>,/ and those types of keys.


      It made editing so much easier when one didn't have to press a secondary thing such as Ctrl-PgUp which is what I have to do now in ArcPro due to these single key presses being locked to a default that can't be changed in the "Customize the Ribbon" Option.  Currently right now most the F-keys aren't useful now and neither are any of the other keys mentioned as a single click for me which I feel is a waste for some of us that edit so much and want to have less key presses.


      Another thing is it would be nice to have a crosswalk of ArcMap names to ArcPro names for features.  Things such as "Flip" is now "Reverse" and other thing are not that easy to find (if they even exist anymore).


      We should also be allowed to enable and disable snapping as a toggle rather than as hold down key press of the space bar each time.


      It would also be great to have panes be able to be toggled on and off by a keybind (accelerator) as well.  Currently those such as the "Create Pane" can be turned on by adding an accelerator, but can't be toggled off using the same keypress.


      Bring back the Rectangle Zoom out as well.  There is the Rectangle zoom in, but no rectangle zoom out.  Having both of these in ArcMap keybound to the PgUp and PgDown was so much faster to move around for example for me.


      I can understand the actual letters might have to be locked as they were in ArcMap and that's fine.  I just want the same functionality that ArcMap had when customizing keybinds...