AGO credit usage download improvements

Idea created by mbishopp on Sep 10, 2019
    • amslogan_1
    • alseahawk39

    Some improved suggestions for the AGO (or AGOL) credit report download:


    Allow administrators of AGO the ability to download a more complete credit report or reports.  This would include sections or reports on:

    • File Storage credit used per user
    • Analytics credits used per user


    This would be in addition to the already useful "Standard Feature Data Storage" report that an Admin can download from the AGO interface.  Found here in AGO (Organization-->Status-->Credits (tab)-->Feature Storage (pie graph)-->Standard Feature Data Store (under Storage Type)-->View item details (button):)



    In addition, I think the following would be beneficial:

    • A way to specify which columns (fields) the admin would want to output in the report
    • A way to specify the download location of the report (I believe it currently just goes to the default download directory of the browser)