Allow for community created content to be added/shared with AGO and ArcCatalog!

Idea created by RP.CObb on Sep 8, 2019



    I noticed that if someone has created a custom tool, widget, or script, that unless they directly share it with either GitHub or some other forum or repository, others won't be able to access it. So I was wondering if it would be possible to add a section to AGO and/or ArcCatalog for community created content that is approved by Esri, such as custom widgets, script tools, or other useful tools in general. Otherwise it is difficult to have to to keep on researching, creating internal tools or widgets, and other things that quite frankly would be nice to simply be able to use if somebody else doesn't mind sharing it. It is understandable if somethings out their pose a risk, but if the item is vetted for security reasons, then it shouldn't necessarily pose a risk. So I just thought this would be a good idea.