Geocode for rural area

Idea created by margarida_GNP on Sep 5, 2019

    Hello everyone

    My name is Margarida Pedro Victor, 22 years old and I am Mozambican and Biologist. 

    GIS to me is a multidisciplinary science that tell us where something is locate without even go there.

    GIS itself matters and provide a lot of tools to make smarter decisions.

    Geocode is new GIS technology that works as a DNA. It tell us where the things are.

     I think that is important to geocode the rural area so that we can understand the land use and monitor at the same time. 

    Because of the climate change, we are losing most the part of the land.

    To have different codes that represents each house in the rural areas for example will help us to make decision in case of natural disaster for example.


    Many thanks