Ability to pass variables created in a Task to Geoprocessing Tool parameter

Idea created by Randy.Casey on Sep 3, 2019
    • Randy.Casey
    • Lishman@jmt.com_jmt

    The Tasks in ArcGIS Pro 2.4.1 are a great concept for putting together various workflows into a singular workflow and the ability to run custom Geoprocessing Tools within the Tasks is a great bonus. The ability to create and pass variables throughout the Task steps makes many process simple: like the ability to calculate a field with a value created in an earlier step. This kind of functionality would be great if you could also do this with a Geoprocessing Tool that accepts parameters. This kind of functionality would simplify and optimize a lot of different workflows that currently rely on manual input of parameters from my users, as I could eliminate the human entry/error portion of the workflow and automate data entry and updates. Please consider this for future updates. Thanks.