Role Privilege to control Hub site publishing

Idea created by USFSAGOLAdmin on Sep 3, 2019
    • USFSAGOLAdmin
    • MHOOLE_governmentofbc
    • gmcnamee_usfs

    Please allow the ability to configure a role privilege to allow for Hub site publishing as opposed to just allowing anyone who has Publisher role (or custom role equivalent) to create public facing websites. In our organization, the proliferation of Hub sites is quickly becoming a governance nightmare with essentially anyone with Publisher access being able to create a public facing website. Not that web maps, apps, etc. aren't considered websites, they are, it is just that Hub provides a web authoring environment that allows individuals to circumvent organizational web content mgmt., standards, branding, etc. Easy fix = allow for a role privilege to enable Hub site publication, independent of the Publisher role itself.