Offer Options in the Maintenance Program to Attend DevSummit or the User Conference

Idea created by 1_csergent08 on May 28, 2010
    I would like to see something offered by way of license or some other method that would facilitate the opportunity for myself and others to attend the DevSummit.

    One possibility allow the complimentary pass to be used for the DevSummit or the User Conference or allow for a discount at the DevSummit.

    We have an EDN license, ArcGIS Server, Desktop licenses, and more. And no DevSummit incentive is on the radar that I know of, but requests for development internally are in high demand; very high demand. There are a lot of users, but I am the only programmer. So users can ask one another and possibly attend the user conference for free, but me as a Lone GIS deveoper, can't ask and need to say I need a $1,000 dollars(when you include travel, food and lodging). 

    As a former attendee, I see it as a need to be able to attend the DevSummit event from time to time, but  users that would benefit from the User Conference have the option to go for free based on the complimentary license which technically is a potential $1,395 loss per year and multiply this amount per person for passing up the offer.

    For the DevSummit, there is not even so much as a .50 cent coupon of a discount; but development is very demanding, and when financial times are tight; we need support as customers as well. 

    Free(complimentary pass) vs. $800(DevSummit) - I think most companies will pick free, but I have been to both the User Conference and the DevSummit, and developers are better served by going to the DevSummit.

    I see the DevSummit as the part that completes the User Conference and provides the opportunity to gain knowledge for the entire staff that represent the GIS Enterprise of an organization.

    Developers make a small percentage of any organization, but some kind of incentive(monetary speaks the loudest) would be of great help.

    I hope this gains support from the community; please comment if you have any questions, thoughts or ideas on this matter.