ODBC Driver Support in Pro

Idea created by abenvin@coc.ca_thecityofcalgary on Aug 29, 2019
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    Currently, Pro at 2.4 does not support different  ODBC connections like ArcMap does with the "Add OLE DB Connection" tool .This tool allows you to create a connection to any other database provided you have the driver on your machine and configured under ODBC Data Sources (32 or 64bit).


    Pro only seems to support the databases in the list and does not seem to support a mechanism for accessing data from other data bases. In my case we are doing testing with data virtualization platforms. Using ArcMap 10.5 I can connect to the Denodo database using the vendor supplied driver. However, from ArcGIS Pro, I can't access the Denodo platform as there is no way to access a database not in the New Database Connection list.


    Are there plans to support other databases in Pro using vendor supplied drivers, such as ArcMap does?


    Thanks, Al Benvin